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Middleware Background
What is Middleware, Message Oriented Middleware
Synchronous versus Asynchronous Communication.
Technical Introduction to IBM WebSphere MQ
Features and benefits of IBM WebSphere MQ

Websphere MQ messages : Message Types

Persistent Messages/ Non Persistent Messages

MQ Objects: Queue Manager, Message Queues Types & Uses, Channels Channel Types, Process Definitions, Listeners, Services MQSeries Structures

Message Queue Interface

(MQI) Calls: MQCONN, MQOPEN, MQPUT, MQPUT1, MQGET, Data Conversion, Correlating Messages, Get With Wait, Signals, Browsing Messages, Retrieving Browsed Messages, Message Priority, Message Expiry, MQCMIT/ MQBACK/ MQCLOSE/ MQDISC/ MQINQ/ MQSET

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