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Denysys on Online Product - Denysys Corporation was founded by Philip Denny in in 1997 after many years in various technology positions are industry leading firms such as IBM and 3M. Mr. Denny also occupy leadership roles at technology and entrepreneurial enterprises. The mission of Denysys is the help other firms and government agencies exploit technology to their advantage.

The company was started to help management select and implement the right information technology for their environments. It soon became clear that because managers are busy running their organizations, not a lot of time is left to plan or even manage the implementation of the technologies that will help the company advance the business strategies. The realization was the birth of Denysys implementation services. The goal of our implementation services is to help clients exploit the technology and scientific discoveries that advance their strategic goals.

Denysys Corporation implement Case Management & BPM solutions. The industries we focus on include regulatory, law and Justice, financial, and, health care. Our case management framework allows for rapid solution implementation.

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