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California Restricted License – 3 steps to getting one

vulawoffice 523 days ago on News - California Restricted License are not hard to get, but they are time consuming. This is assuming you did not do the DMV admin hearing. Sometimes people do this and still lose the DMV hearing. When this happens, a person must serve the 30 days hard suspension before he or she can get a California Restricted License to and from work.
In a first time California DUI conviction for the purpose of a California Restricted License, a person must register for AB 541 class which is a 3 month class, unless there is excessive alcohol and other circumstances which justify a longer class. There is one more con to this. The DMV will only count the one month as a suspension. They will not count the 5 months of restricted license. This is something to seriously consider when dealing with your case. I often see people who have their DMV resolved quickly but they had to wait for the court because the court was slow. As a result of this, they have to continue doing their suspension over again.

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