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Benefits of a Modern iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Application

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A well-designed iPad Restaurant POS Application can help you manage your restaurant's toughest management challenges and eradicate long-standing communication issues between your front-of-house and kitchen staff. You'll also be able to manage your food inventory better, and your customers will respond well to a new system.
Here are few advantages of iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Application
Faster Service

Imagine paperless order placement and servers no longer having to run back to the kitchen to check on orders or straighten out miscommunications. You can achieve this with a modern iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Application. Servers transmit orders directly from the counter or tableside to the kitchen. Back in the kitchen, you can choose to have orders printed or digitally displayed on a monitor. Servers can easily handle modifications so even complicated orders are communicated clearly and correctly. Once an order is ready, kitchen staff alert the server the order is ready to be picked up. One helpful tool to add to the efficiency of your POS system is an onsite router, which allows you to process orders quickly even if your internet or Wi-Fi connection temporarily goes down.
Increased Order Accuracy
With Unavu restaurant POS Application, your staff no longer have to waste valuable time trying to explain someone's handwriting. The iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Application quickly and easily handle even the most complex order modifications. In addition, you can set up complete menus with detailed ingredient descriptions and images in the system, so servers relay accurate information to customers, which saves your staff time since they don't have to run back to the kitchen to ask questions.
Rapid Tableside Card Processing
With tableside processing, customers like that their card never leaves their sight. Tableside processing is fast and helps your front-of-house crew turn tables more efficiently without compromising customer service. Another Benefits of iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Application for your staff is that automatically calculate and provide suggested tip amounts for sponsor. In many cases, this has led to increased server tips.
Easier Ordering for Customers with Allergies or Special Dietary Needs
Processing orders for those with allergies and special dietary needs is challenging for everyone; however, iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Application can help with accurate menu descriptions and complex modification tools. Using your new Unavu POS system, you can easily tag entrees or other items that contain allergens such as shellfish or nuts, so your staff can accurately inform customers who many have life-threatening allergies. These systems also allow you to save customer notes, so you can add special diet information to your regular customers' accounts.
Improved Inventory Accuracy
Every restaurant owner knows that managing food inventory is not only tricky, it's expensive. On top of it, any mistake, whether it's ordering too much or too little of one item, can have severe consequences. Unavu iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Application come with inventory-management features that not only maintain an accurate, real-time count of everything, they even go so far as to track ingredients that are required to create unique items such as the olive oil that goes into your popular house salad dressing or a specific type of rum that goes into a signature drink. And because you're busy running your restaurant, you can configure the system to send you alerts whenever an item is running low or is near its expiration date. Besides inventory, though, Unavu POS systems help you track your vendor information, so when you receive an alert an item is running low, some systems can auto create a purchase order so your inventory is always fully stocked and you can turn your attention to more important matters.

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