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Plano App | Best Screen Time Parental Control App for Android and iPhone

PlanoRam 19 days ago on Health - Plano is a science-based parental control app that empowers responsible device use and helps manage your child’s vision and eye health! Our app is designed to reduce the risk factors associated with myopia (short-sightedness) and manage your child’s device use, all at the same time. With only one parent account you may add as many children account as required, with cross-device functionality. Plano’s mission is to empower people to achieve their best vision and eye health through education and science-driven technological solutions. The Plano app was created with support from the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and the Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC).

Plano offers a few more services:
Reward system for kids on outdoor activities
Eye check-up for kids
Health talks on myopia and device use
Best selling children books

Ayurveda Doctor and Massage Bondi Road, Bondi Junction, Sydney

ayurvedadoctor 197 days ago on Health - '#1 of 28 Spas & Wellness in Bondi Founded 1st May 2011 Ayurveda is something to experience and is not just a normal “massage”. The ancient Indian practice of rejuvenation comes from a place of reverence and the heart. For the first time, you can experience a complete range of authentic Ayurveda massage therapies, right here in Bondi Junction, Sydney. What’s more, you can choose to have a consultation with our qualified Doctors or our Ayurvedic Consultants. Some of our services are: -Remedial Massage -Shirodhara -Ayurveda'

Orthopedic Implants Manufacturer

capsurenterprises 261 days ago on Health - Capsur Enterprises is a reputed Indian company that manufactures high quality orthopedic implants. This company produces and markets Orthopedic Trauma Implants and Instruments used for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of the human skeleton and its soft tissues. We offer a comprehensive range of products in traumatology. Our goal is to provide the safest and most advanced implants, instruments and technologies that ensure reliable operating procedures, rapid recovery and a pain-free life after surgery.

Book Online Appointment with Doctors Instantly | Plus100years

plus100years 347 days ago on Health - is dedicated to all people who go online every day looking for doctors and other healthcare services.

From this website users can get the information about Heart Hospitals in Hyderabad and they can find and take appointment of best cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad and other cities in india and other hospitals.

With the help of this health and wellness directory, you can easily find best home health care services in your vicinity. It thus saves your time and the patient gets help readily thereby increasing the chances of recovery and saving life manifold.

Holistic Nutrition School NY - Academy of Natural Health Sciences

jenniferarmins1 835 days ago on Health - People usually are very stringent with the career option. This is especially true for medicine. Everyone wants to be a doctor when they opt for medicine. However, it is not possible for everyone to achieve this dream. But they do not need to be disheartened because there are several governments recognized institute providing Alternative Medicine Courses Online.
This has given you the power not to follow the herd! You can make your own career and be successful in it. All you need is interest in a particular area and determination to come out on topand you will definitely see that you have reached the zenith as you aspired for. Several online courses are available through which you can choose any field of medicine you want, be it massage therapy or any other courses.

Couple Relationship Counseling Encinitas - Jennifer Semmes

jenniferarmins1 835 days ago on Health - When you find a perfect person in your life to get married, you will spend some of the years of your marriage with love and happiness. After few years, there will start various kinds of misunderstanding and issues in your life. It is one of the major problems in most of the people’s life. Daily disputes and problems can be avery serious issue in your married life. It will also impact on your work and financial situation because of depression and stress all the day.
If you are also stressed and depressed because of problems in your married life, you just need to get thehelp of the professionals for marriage couples counseling Carlsbad. These professionals are available to provide help to the couples in following ways:

Perivascular epithelioid cell tumor - My PEComa Study

jenniferarmins1 835 days ago on Health - People are now suffering from several disorders. Some of them are curable,and some of them are not. A disease like cancer is not curable easily. If it can spread in our body fast, ten curing treatment is very much tough. Blood-related issues are aserious problem for all. One of the major problems as cancer is Pecoma.
About Pecoma
Full form of Pecoma is Perivascular Epithelioid Cell Tumors which is in the group of mesenchymal tumours as ultra-rare carcinomas,and it made form Perivascular Epithelioid Cells (PECs) which surrounds the blood cells. This Pecoma atumour can arise in any place of our body. It arises mostly in thepelvicregion (uterus), gastrointestinal tract and in theabdominal cavity of Pecoma Patients.
There are different types of PEComa,and some of them are lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), Clear Cell Sugar Tumors (CCST) and angiomyolipoma (AML). There are various anatomic origin small Pecoma which are called as Pecoma- Not Otherwise Specified (Pecoma-NOS).

test tube baby centre in Kolkata

Orange 869 days ago on Health - Even if most couples wish to expand their families and welcome a new life into the world it is sometimes possible that they are unable to do so through natural means. This is where surrogacy can help! If you are looking for a test tube baby centre in Kolkata then simply dial 9433367751 from your phone. Gynaecare Fertility Center in Kolkata is the ideal place for surrogacy services as well IVF and infertility treatment. We offer quality services to all our clients and help them fulfill their dreams of attaining parenthood. More and more childless couples are opting for surrogacy, so do not hesitate anymore. Contact with us at Gynaecare Fertility Center today. You can also go through our website at for more details