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verb | verbs | list of verbs | what is verb | kind of verbs

giftsomeone 1884 days ago on News - A verb is a word that describes an action or occurrence or indicates a state of being.Know about the types of verbs with examples.

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english words and meanings | english word meaning | vocabulary words with meaning | word meaning

giftsomeone 1880 days ago on News - Word Meaning:English Vocabulary words with meanings.Find English meaning of difficult English words.

gerund and participle | example of participle | participle examples

giftsomeone 1885 days ago on News - Participles,Gerunds and Infinitives(known as verbals)are words formed from a verb.Learn about Participles,Gerunds and Infinitives with proper examples

past continuous tense | past continuous tense examples

giftsomeone 1885 days ago on News - Past Continuous Tenses examples:In the Past Continuous tense, the action was ongoing till a certain time in the past.

past perfect continuous tense | examples of past perfect continuous tense

giftsomeone 1885 days ago on News - Past Perfect Continuous Tense:Meaning and definition with examples. Learn to make sentences in Past Perfect Continuous by experts.

preposition | prepositions in english | list of prepositions

giftsomeone 1885 days ago on News - Preposition:A complete guide to types of Preposition with proper examples.Prepositions are the words which are used to connect the different nouns, pronouns and phrases in a sentence.

prepositions of movement | preposition of movement

giftsomeone 1885 days ago on News - Prepositions of Movement:There are 9 prepositions that pertain to movement. Know about them with examples.