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Why we need to choose HTML5 for game development? (November 2020)

genieee on Entertainment - Following some main advantages of HTML5 game development
Now a days HTML5 games are universal compatibility and this is the only main advantage of these games. It works as a cross-platform. It can access on all mobiles. Developers have to only think about the gameplay and how the game will respond to different screen sizes and input types. They make some personalization in the code per platform, but it’s much better than completely porting games.
Many free game engines are available to build such games having very good features to build a great game. This engine is extremely versatile and boasts extensive APIs which provide end-users the real gaming experience.
The fast-developing process also a big advantage. HTML5 provides the APIs for Canvas, WebGL, and Web Audio which is essential for constructing advanced games that are compatible to run in a web browser.
The Canvas element of HTML5 is the element through which any 2D or 3D shape can be drawn. It converts the shapes into 2D or 3D images. These images can be employed through programming, or they can be added directly as graphics in the Canvas element.
Another great feature of HTML5 is that it can be operated offline as well. Thus, HTML 5 games can be played offline without the need for web connectivity.
These games are easy for users as well, as they don’t need to install or download different plug-ins to play 2D games in web browsers.

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