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Questions You Need Answered Before Being Rolled Inside The OT

ahmedkhan on Health - Cardiac operations are serious procedures that need the expertise of someone who knows what it takes to mend an ailing heart. Some of the best experts for Cardiac surgery in India are in Delhi where you can expect to get holistic heart treatment which is very reliable. All that said the seriousness of cardiac surgery makes many very nervous. A million questions pop in our heads when we think of cardiac surgeries. We have attempted to answer a couple of those for you here.

Waking up in the ICU after operation

Waking up in an ICU is an entirely different experience altogether. The ICU is fairly quiet and comfortable, so there will be nothing to disturb your peace. Recognizing the place may take you a moment but it usually sets in after a few minutes. You may find wires and tags on your arm, be careful with them and take all care not to dislodge any of those tubes and wires. If you need assistance with something remember to use the bell near you to summon your caretaker.

Seeing your family & friends immediately after operation

Someone from your family may be as eager to see you are to see them but unless the doctor approves of it you shouldn’t insist on seeing anyone. You may be susceptible to infection or perhaps the doctor may be waiting for your vital signals to stabilize. Wait for the right moment for the doctor to allow visits.

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