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How to Stop the Clock with Anti-Ageing Yogasanas

anandaspa on Travel - The search for elixir of everlasting youth and vitality has been sought after by civilizations all around the world, both oriental and occidental. Thus far nothing conclusive has been achieved by such pursuits. We have only heard of failed alchemical stories where people unwittingly used mercury and other metals and semi-precious metals to concoct their own elixirs, only to attain fatal poisons.

But, who needs all of that when there is a better, time-tested and truly effective alternate avenue to youth and vitality? And, interestingly, you can find this alternative at best resorts in India. We are talking of Yogasanas or Yogic poses which arrest the production of free radicals and prevents signs of ageing. Yoga is also beneficial in maintaining your posture and lean muscle structure which prevents you from looking old before your age.

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