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eDiscovery Software Platform | End-to-end e-Discovery Technology

knovos on Online Product - 94% of legal industry professionals agree that adopting technology is a way to cut down cost. In order to manage resources, progress continuously and optimize the processes, new eDiscovery technologies are emerging. Advanced data analytics plays a vital role in making informed decisions quickly.
eDiscovery platform is more than a powerful software application in which all the stages of eDiscovery from ESI processing to production can be managed. It has a specialized document review module which enables reviewers tag, redact and comment on the documents. In a traditional approach, raw data of custodians are being uploaded to the data processing engine and once the data is processed, the same is pushed into a document review module. It’s time to say goodbye to the old practice and embrace the modern approach of eDiscovery. Knovos’ time-tested eDiscovery platform “eZReview” is capable of handling all the eDiscovery activities under a single platform. It has three modules process, ECA (Early Case Assessment), and review. eZReview ingests hundreds of file types in 150+ languages. It has multi-dimensional analytics and TAR (Technology Assisted Review) features for advancing the eDiscovery processes.

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