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5 little Known Tips For Visiting Bali On The Cheap

LissaHVRB 1911 days ago on World - We all heard about Bali, the no. 1 tourist attraction in Indonesia. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Bali, you must not take just the hotel into consideration. That is because Bali has so much more to offer, besides beaches, Balinese cuisine or the famous Bali weddings and events.
Here’s five little known tips if you want to take advantage of a dream cheap holiday in Bali, the island of gods:

The scooter will be your best friend
Besides the famous Bali cheap accommodation, the island is also known for its chaotic traffic. All the roads are busy. It’s like dealing with an army of mopeds and scooters, all driving without rules. And you’ll rarely see just one motorist. They are usually riding 3-4 on the same scooter. You can rent a scooter for ten days with a mere 50$ and you can be part of this madness. But also be able to visit some of the most beautiful temples and places in Bali.

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