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5 Way 3 Position Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Avatar

5 Way 3 Position Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

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Product Feature 1. Pilot-oriented mode: Internal pilot or external pilot. 2. Structure is sliding column mode: good tightness and sensitive reaction. 3. Three position solenoid valves have three kinds of central function for your choice. 4. Double control solenoid valves have memory function. 5. Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life. 6. No need to add oil for lubrication. 7. It is available to form integrated valve group with the base to save installation space. 8. Affiliated manual devices are equipped to facilitate installation and debugging. 9. Several standard voltage grades are optional. Model 4YV310-08 4YV320-08 4YV330C-08 4YV330E-08 4YV330P-08 4YV310H-08 4YV320H-08 4YV330CH-08 4YV330EH-08 4YV330PH-08 Position Number Two-position Five-way Three-position Five-way Efective Sectional Area 25mm虏(cV=1.40) 18mm虏(cV=1.00) Joint Pipe Bore G1/4"/ Air Inlet= Air Outlet= Exhaust==G1/4" Working Medium 40 Micron Filtered Air Motion Pattern Nner Guide Type Working-Pressure 0.15锝?.8MPa Max Pressure Resistance 1.2MPa Operating Temperature 鈥?锝?0鈩? Voltage Range 卤10% Power Consumption AC: 5.5VA DC: 4.8W Insulation& Protection Class F Class.IP65 Wiring Form Lead Wire or Connector type Highest Action Frequency 20 Cycle/sec Shortest Excitation Time 0.05Second 1. PT thread, NPT thread and G thread are available. 2. Once lubricated air is used, continue with same medium to optimise valve life span. Lubricants like ISO VG32 or equivalent are recommended. 3. The maximum actuation frequency is in the no-load state. Coil Specification Item Specification Standard voltage AC220V,AC110V,AC24V,DC24V,DC12V Scope of voltage AC+-15%,DC+-10% Power consumption AC:3.5VA; DC:3.0W Protection IP65 Temperature classification B class Electrical entry Terminal,Grommet Activating time 0.05sec and below Please watch the solenoid valve testing video on YOUTUBE: Click on picture to learn more锛?nbsp; Overall Dimension Our Factory Our Product Our Certificate 5 Way 3 Position Pneumatic Solenoid Valve website:

3pc Straight Thread Ball Valves manufacturers Avatar

3pc Straight Thread Ball Valves manufacturers

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Our History Wenzhou Danduoduo Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd established in 2012 in Wenzhou City to fulfill the gaps between the Western and Eastern cultures. We started goal business from 2015 due to high demands of our customers who entrust us as the agency for purchasing. With its growing manufacturing capacity and annual sales, we have become a well-known manufacturer in stainless steel industry. Our Factory Our raw material is from famous domestic melting mills, and parts of the material is imported from the top-class melting mills of the world, like Europe, USA &Japan. Our Product Seamless Precision Tubes, Sanitary Ball Valves, Sanitary Butterfly Valves, Sanitary Fittings. Product Application For Condenser, Filtration System,Food, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor,Biological,Beverage, Cosmetic Industries. Our Certificate 3A,ISO,CE(Providing SGS) Production Equipment 鈻燞ydraulic Testing Machine 鈻燬pectrum Analyzer 鈻燬traightening Machine 鈻燩olishing Machine 鈻燩recision CNC 鈻?Lathe Machine 鈻?Specialized Machine 鈻?Leaking Test Machine 鈻?Auto Bending Machine 鈻?Tee forming Machine 鈻?Tube OD/ID Auto Polishers Main Market South &North America, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine锛孏ermany, Kazakhstan etc. We are one of PetroChina's suppliers in Kazakhstan. Highlights We attached great importance to our products which was sold to customers. All of them must be clean and tidy with packaging. It will be highlight on each order from our customers, which enables them to get better service and products for the money they paid. We guarantee that the replacement must be made within (30) days if our goods have quality issue. Our hotline will wait for you with 24hours.3pc Straight Thread Ball Valves manufacturers website: website2:

Professional Match Standard Badminton Net suppliers Avatar

Professional Match Standard Badminton Net suppliers

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The company's development history and basic information Shandong JingWei Chemical Fiber Rope Net Co., Ltd. is a professional rope net manufacturer integrating product research and development, production, packaging, marketing and service since 2000. The company is located in the "China Famous Rope Net City" and "China Plastic Rope Net" Capital "鈥擫izhuang Town, Huimin County. The company has a complete quality assurance system, which improves and develops traditional craftsmanship, and completes the entire production project from drawing, stringing and weaving. In accordance with the requirements of the county party committee and county government, the company firmly seized the favorable opportunity of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, increased investment in technological transformation, and pioneered the use of new technologies and processes for liquid phase thickening. The company recently added 10,000 tons of capacity and achieved a long-term goal of 30,000. Tons The company has been rated by the provincial government as "Shandong Provincial Resource Recycling Demonstration Enterprise", "Shandong Provincial Circular Economy Demonstration Project", "Binzhou Enterprise Technology Center", "Binzhou Civilized and Honest Enterprise", and "Binzhou City Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring Enterprise" "Binzhou City has more than ten consecutive years of good credit", is the leading enterprise in the rope industry in Huimin County. The company's products and application range Shandong JingWei Chemical Fiber Rope Net Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of sports rope nets, labor insurance rope nets, farming, animal husbandry and fishery rope nets, daily necessities nets four series under 74 categories Including climbing ropes, tent ropes, jumping ropes, and physical training ropes , Safety ropes, traction ropes, safety belts, football nets, basketball nets, windproof nets, safety nets, soil cover dust suppression nets, shade nets, agricultural fences, fruit collection nets and other commonly used rope net products. The rope nets produced by our company are widely used in daily ball sports blocking, replacement and supply of Olympic sports nets, construction industry safety assurance, production nets, fishing nets, Transportation and distribution, home crafts, and garden leisure products etc. Our Qualifications, Certifications, Patent Certificates The products produced by our company have a reasonable structure, stable performance, beautiful appearance, and reliable quality. 鈥楧urable weather resistance, flame retardant impact, wind and dust resistance, and reasonable price. Successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, GB / T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification, European REACH TUV certification, American FCC UL certification and other qualification certificates. It pioneered the use of new technologies and processes for liquid phase thickening, We developed and put into production by ourself the technology of "using waste polyester bottle flakes to produce safety nets" has obtained three national invention patents. Production facilities Our company has production facilities including backing machine, drawing machine, loom white net machine, head of network machine, lawn network machine ,sports network machine, spinning machine, Granulator, soil cover netting machine, rope closing machine and other dozens of kinds of hundreds of production equipment, fully able to meet market demand and ensure supply demand. Regional market for product sales and performance introduction At present, rope net products have been sold in Japan, Germany, the United States and India, Malaysia, Bangladesh and other countries. The market is spread in Europe, South America and Africa, and the export value has reached 300 million yuan. Introduction of pre-sale, sale and after-sale services Services we provide: 路 Provide users with free technical consulting services 路 Provide users with product samples, company profiles, credit credentials, etc. 路 Invite users to our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototype, product testing facilities and quality management system 路 Invite users to visit the units of the products sold by our company and listen to their opinions 路 Invite relevant technical personnel of users to our company to inspect the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and provide the relevant technical standards of the products to the user's technical standards and inspection results. 路 Our company is equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team mainly composed of technical personnel. After receiving the user's service information or feedback, we make the user's satisfactory response and treatment within the shortest time. Shandong JingWei Chemical Fiber Rope Net Co., Ltd. will give full play to the unique advantages of advanced production equipment and strong technical force to provide better order services for customers around the world!Professional Match Standard Badminton Net suppliers website:

Orthodontic Stainless Steel Archwire Made in China Avatar

Orthodontic Stainless Steel Archwire Made in China

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Brief introduction: Orthodontic dental archwire is an indispensable device in orthodontic treatment. Its mechanical properties directly affect the correction effect. The stainless steel arch wire is the most commonly used correction arch wire in clinical practice. Stainless steel alloys mainly contain 17% -25% chromium and 8% -25% nickel. When the alloy contains more than 8% nickel, an austenite structure can be formed and the corrosion resistance can be greatly enhanced. In addition, stainless steel has high strength, stiffness is 93% -100% of ordinary carbon steel, its friction coefficient is the lowest among all arch wires, and its formability is good. In the clinic, stainless steel arch wire can be used to bend the teeth to align the teeth during the aligning phase. At present, the stainless steel arch wire used in clinical orthodontics has a large yield strength, stiffness and elastic modulus. In the process of orthodontic treatment, the stainless steel wire will not produce continuous orthodontic force that damages the root and periodontal tissue. At the same time it has good biocompatibility and is absolutely safe for patients. Obvious advantanges: Our stainless steel arch wires have undergone multiple quality inspections before leaving the factory, with stable performance and affordable prices. We use food-grade medical stainless steel as raw material, so it has good biocompatibility and very stable chemical properties. Our stainless steel arch wire has good formability and can be bent in various arcs to meet the different requirements of clinical orthodontists. The surface of our stainless steel arch wire is smooth, which greatly reduces the friction, it is not easy to scratch the patient's mouth, and the comfort is high. Arch wire has high hardness, more stable performance and guaranteed quality. We provide perfect after-sales service. If there are any problems in the later products, you can always feedback to us, we will help you solve the problem. Item as follow: Stainless Steel Round Arch Wires (10pcs/pk) RoundUpperLower NaturalOvalNaturalOval .012鈥?/p>W404-12UW402-12UW404-12LW402-12L .014鈥?/p>W404-14UW402-14UW404-14LW402-14L .016鈥?/p>W404-16UW402-16UW404-16LW402-16L .018鈥?/p>W404-18UW402-18UW404-18LW402-18L .020鈥?/p>W404-20UW402-20UW404-20LW402-20L Stainless Steel Rectangualr Arch Wires (10pcs/pk) RectangularUpperLower NaturalOvalNaturalOval .016鈥漍.016鈥?/p>W404-1616UW402-1616UW404-1616LW402-1616L .016鈥漍.022鈥?/p>W404-1622UW402-1622UW404-1622LW402-1622L .017鈥漍.022鈥?/p>W404-1722UW402-1722UW404-1722LW402-1722L .017鈥漍.025鈥?/p>W404-1725UW402-1725UW404-1725LW402-1725L .018鈥漍.025鈥?/p>W404-1825UW402-1825UW404-1825LW402-1825L .019鈥漍.025鈥?/p>W404-1925UW402-1925UW404-1925LW402-1925L .021鈥漍.025鈥?/p>W404-2125UW402-2125UW404-2125LW402-2125L Orthodontic Stainless Steel Archwire Made in China website:

Mine Explosion-proof Avatar

Mine Explosion-proof

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The mine optical cable junction box has the function of providing the placement of optical fiber connector and the storage of remaining optical fiber, providing the electrical connection, grounding or disconnection of metal parts. Can be widely used in coal mines, factories and other environments. The cable distribution box is suitable for connecting the cable of communication system in the environment of dust and gas explosion. Service conditions of junction box: Ambient temperature: 0 鈩?~+40 鈩? Average relative humidity: no more than 95% (+ 25%); Altitude: no more than 2000m; There is a dangerous environment of gas and coal dust explosion in underground coal mine, but there is no significant vibration and impact, no corrosive gas place that damages insulation. Mine cable junction box has multiple models, customers can choose according to their own needs.Mine Explosion-proof website:

Boiler Tube Stainless Steel suppliers Avatar

Boiler Tube Stainless Steel suppliers

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Our History Maytun was founded in 1986. We are one of the oldest companies in Taiwan exporting stainless steel. We have in-depth knowledge in stainless steel material and supply various stainless steel products for different applications among all industries. We have professional logistic teams to meet client鈥檚 specific requirements and time schedule. Our Factory The origin of our material is from the major raw material producers in Taiwan and China, such as: YUSCO, CSSSC, TM, TISCO, LISCO, JISCO, BAO鈥tc. Our mill processes coil/ sheet polishing, slitting, cutting and PE coating. Our piping lines produce welded industrial pipes and structural tubes with polishing availability from 180G to mirror. In order to offer our client a 鈥渙ne-stop shop鈥?service, we also cooperate with professional mills that offer stainless steel bars, wire, checkered plates, perforated sheets, expanded sheets and fittings. Our Product We specialize in supplying stainless steel coils, stainless steel plates, stainless steel sheets, stainless steel bars, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel tubes and stainless steel fittings with a wide variety of standards, grades, sizes and shapes. Product Application Our products are widely applied in various industries around the world, such as: petro- chemical industry, mechanical construction, sanitary, furnishing, decoration, automobile industry, fabrication... Our Certificate Our company renews T脺V certificate or D-U-N-S Number every year. Production Equipment Our mill processes stainless steel coils/ sheets, and produces welded pipes/tubes. Production Market For over 33 years, we have clients all over the world, with significant success in the market of Asia, Middle East, South America and Australia. Our Service We are proud of our customer service from the beginning of enquiry to delivery. Our sales representatives always respond to our clients 鈥檈nquiries within 1-2 days. We closely monitor the process of our production to make sure it meets clients鈥?schedule. After each production, we examine the products to ensure they conform to their standards and clients鈥?requests. We provide the secured packing to safely deliver the products to the hand of our clients. Our logistic teams offer instant response to our clients鈥?needs and are able to react to any emergency with professional manner and swift action.Boiler Tube Stainless Steel suppliers website:

Buy Soil Sensor Avatar

Buy Soil Sensor

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FST100-2006A Soil temperature and humidity + conductivity sensor for water-saving agricultural irrigation, meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring, measurement, greenhouse, flower and vegetable, grassland pasture, soil speed measurement, plant culture, scientific experiment, etc. The field of humidity and salt content. Product features Real-time temperature and humidity salt monitoring function to measure the temperature and salt content of soils at different depths Good sealing, can be directly buried in the soil, and is not corroded High measurement accuracy, reliable performance, fast response, high data transmission efficiency Less affected by soil and widely used Application range Water saving agricultural irrigation, meteorological monitoring Greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grassland pastures, soil testing Plant culture, scientific experiments, etc., where soil moisture needs to be measured Parameters Measurement parameterSoil temperature, soil volumetric moisture content, soil conductivity (EC value) Units of measurement掳C;%(m3/m3);mS/cm Temperature range-30 ~ 70 掳 C (can be customized 0 ~ 50 掳 C or any other range) Water component0锝?00% (can choose 30%, 50% equal range or customize any range) Salt component0锝?0 mS/cm (can be customized 0锝?mS/cm, 0锝?0mS/cm, etc.) Measurement accuracy卤0.2掳C; 卤2% (m3/m3) in the range of 0 to 50% (m3/m3); 卤2% Resolution0.1 掳 C; 0.1%, 0.001 mS / cm (1 渭S / cm) Output signalRs485 (standard Modbus-RTU protocol, device default address: 01) Supply voltage6~24V DC The scope of work-30 掳 C ~ 70 掳 C Stable schedule3 seconds after power on Response time

Laser Welding Machine Avatar

Laser Welding Machine

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操作超时Laser Welding Machine website: